“Effective Fellowship Development efforts depend upon Public Relations work, emphasizing the need for collaboration among service bodies.”

“FD supports the efforts of NA service bodies to strengthen and grow NA as a part of a coordinated, comprehensive PR strategy that advanced the Vision for NA service.”

The EDM FD and PR Committees provide regional collaboration within the zone by bringing regional subcommittee members together on the same platform, to offer the possibility to exchange experience, and service materials, and get in direct contact with other FD and PR subcommittees around the zone. Participants include present and past trusted servants, RDs, WB members, NAWS staff, and any interested members.


There are often a variety of barriers that prevent NA from growing and thriving in certain locations. These barriers can be a result of geography, technology, culture, language, economic disadvantage, or a result of members being detached from the service structure.

We have a Fellowship Development Committee which is doing the work of the EDM; to strengthen groups and communities in our geographical surroundings, to make them aware of the support and resources available, and to carry NA’s message by building relationships with other NA members.

Fellowship Development Committee

FD Task Teams

One of the main focuses of Fellowship Development at EDM is to have Task Teams visit communities and facilitate requested workshops.

FD Webinars

The FD Committee provides regular Online Workshops on Fellowship Development topics to share experiences and learn one from another. If you want to join us just get in touch.

Learning Days

The European Service Learning Days (ESLD) is a biannual three-day event with service-oriented workshops, for NA members, to learn and share experiences.

Young Addicts

A workgroup focusing on informing, and connecting young addicts helping to gather and exchange their experience – what helped them stay in the rooms of NA.

Human Resource Pool

The EDM Human Resource Pool is made up of current and former Regional Delegates and Trusted Servants who have declared to be available to assist and support EDM with their skills, talents, and experience.

Cooperation with Regional FD

Cooperation with Regional Fellowship Development Committees is one of the recent activities of the FD Committee, primarily on scheduled Online Meetings, to share FD experience.


Our relations with the public enable us to share our message broadly so that those who might benefit from our program of recovery can find us. We aim for the public to recognize NA as a positive and reliable solution for the disease of addiction.

Our Public Relations Committee supports members of Narcotics Anonymous to be more aware of their role in NA’s public image. We focus on training our members, to share experiences and to encourage them to take responsibility for PR work within their region. One of our ways to reach out to professionals is to be present at international conferences.

Public Relations Committee

PR Task Teams

We are planning to do Task Teams to support members in their regions if they are planning a specific PR presentation. Task Team requests can be obtained by the EDM PR Committee.

PR Training

The PR Committee organizes virtual workshops for EDM communities to help them do PR locally, based on preparation and training for interacting with the public

International Conferences

The EDM PR Committee participates in addiction conferences within the EDM zone and is planning further participation at European Therapeutic Conferences.

NAWS Webinars

The PR Committee attends quarterly Zonal Public Relations webinars, facilitated by NA World Service, to gather information and share experiences.

PR Toolbox

We are planning to create a Toolbox with basic PR materials to be accessible to regions(PR Literature, letters to professionals, business cards, and flyers).

Cooperation with Regional PR

Cooperation with Regional Public Relations Committees is one of the recent activities of our PR Committee, primarily on scheduled Online Meetings in between the EDM conferences.