Fellowship Development

FD Webinar

The FD Committee provides regular Online Workshops on Fellowship Development topics to share experiences and learn one from another. Feel free to join us on Zoom.

Every last Sunday of the month & 2nd/4th Wednesday of the month.

After entering the waiting room you will be invited by the administrator.
Meeting-ID: 843 5829 5521

FD Task Teams

One of the main focuses of Fellowship Development at EDM is to have Task Teams to visit communities and do workshops. Human Ressource Pool (HRP) members, who declared themselves to be available to assist and support FDC, can be chosen for a Task Team.

Primarily we choose HRP members who are located close to the requested FD, have the experience to facilitate the workshops and/or have certain skills which might be needed.

The Task Team Process


Task Team request must be sent to FDC for approval.


Task Team members will send their budget to FDC.


Task Team members facilitate workshops, presentations, Q&A.


Task Team members will present a report to the following EDM.

(The Task Team Guidelines are currently under revision)

Past FD Task Teams

  • 2010 Croatia/Trogir Follow up at Regional Convention.
  • 2011 March Macedonia/Skopje (Adriatic Region/Narcoslavia) Reach out to developing fellowships close to their region. The team organized a series of outreach activities. They also organized a learning day and invited a member from the UK to “train the trainers”
  • 2011 August Poland 2 members from Berlin visited their regional service conference to facilitate a PI and H&I workshop.
  • 2011 September Czech Region Service Workshops from Polish fellowship. Poland acts as the sponsor of the Czech fellowship. Members from the Czech Region traveled to Polish service conferences
  • 2012 Feb Latvia The request from Latvia is to have a team come to their convention in August and to facilitate workshops. The TT invited two members from Russia to facilitate workshops at the Latvian convention.
  • 2012 September Italy to help with service material PI & HI presentations etc…The TT brought one member from the UK to facilitate workshops at the Italian service conference.
  • 2012 Malta The TT will send members from the Maltese Fellowship to a Regional Committee Meeting in the UK.
  • 2012 Czecho-Slovakia/Bratislava 2 members attending the convention in Bratislava.
  • 2015 September 18 Estonia Preparation to become an EDM member
  • 2015 September 18 Bulgaria Bulgarian Member attending Greece Convention
  • 2015 November 4-6, Bulgaria FD Follow-Up 
, H&I, PI, Sponsorship Workshop
  • 2015 Oktober 16-18 Turkey Workshops at Turkish Convention
  • 2015 November 13-15 Czech-Slovak Region Planning Workshop in Prague
  • 2016 May 7-9 Ukraine/Kyiv Workshops at Regional Convention
  • 2016 August 6-7 Netherlands/Zevenaar
 Attending Youth Convention
  • 2016 Septemeber 26-28 Moldova/Chișinău Workshops at Regional Convention
  • 2016 September 26-28 Tallinn/Narva PI, Sponsorship, 
 Step Workshop
  • 2016 November 18-20 Latvia/Riga Atmosphere of Recovery
 in Service
, Building Strong Homegroups, PI Worsho
  • 2017 January 20-22 Hungary/Budapest
 PI Workshops, 
 Task Team Hungary Step Work
  • 2019 Oktober Estonia
  • 2019 November Germany/Frankfurt Workshops at Regional Conference
  • 2022 May 18-20 Baltic Convention How to start FD Committee
  • 2022 August, 5-6 Moldova
  • 2022 Oktober November Romania

FD activities 1995 - 2010

  • 1995 Turkey/Istanbul Participation of PI project at the Third European Aids and Addiction Conference.
  • 1997 Norway/Oslo Two members funded to attend Euro PI Project.
  • 1998 PolandKracow Travel team from Berlin to a Regional event, using geographically close members for the travel team and cheap transportation.
  • 1999 Turkey/Istanbul FD Trip to help create service structure.
  • 2000 France/Paris Members from the French-speaking Swiss community attended the Paris Convention to discuss points brought up by the French Region.
  • 2000 Greece SC member to attend Greek convention.
  • 2000 Israel Euro PI vice coordinator to attend PI workshop in Israel
  • 2002 Egypt One representative from Euro PI and H+I to do an FD-trip to Egypt.
  • 2002 November Western Russia/St. Petersburg FD trip of PI Chair.
  • 2002 November Poland FD trip.
  • 2003 Poland FD trip.
  • 2003 Egypt FD trip.
  • 2004 Ukraine FD workshops.
  • 2004 Western Russia/St. Petersburg Workshops at EDM in Russia.
  • 2004 ? /Lithuania FD trip.
  • 2005 Bulgaria members from Greece travel to Bulgaria for outreach activity.
  • 2005 Turkey 2 days Workshops FD at Convention in Istanbul.
  • 2006 Greece FD trip to Thessaloniki and Athens.
  • 2006 Poland FD trip with workshops at the Polish Convention in Krakow.
  • 2007 Denmark Members from Sweden attended the Copenhague Convention and offered workshops.
  • 2007 May Hungary/Pecs FD trip with workshops at Hungary Convention in Pecs.
  • 2007 Malta Workshops and PI presentation at the first Malta Convention.
  • 2007 Sweden / Murmansk FD trip to Service Workshops in Pitea (member from Norway.
  • 2007 May Turkey/Istanbul Two members (one EDM, on NAWS) to attend ECAD conference in Istanbul.
  • 2007 Netherlands Members from Germany to help the Netherlands NA Community with PI & H&I workshops.
  • 2008 Hungary/Budapest NAWS and EDM FD Committee, an International Workshop with participants from surrounding countries.
  • 2008 Lithuania FD activity, PI, H&I, and Service related training workshops during the Baltic Convention.
  • 2008 Cyprus FD member together with two members from PI Greece attending on behalf of NAWS the ‘International Conference on Addiction & Alcoholism’ ICAA, in Limassol Cyprus.
  • 2008 Russia Two members from Sweden to Moscow for FD Workshops on 7th Trad. and 11th Concept & fundraising,
  • 2009 Malta Members from Portugal & Sweden PI Presentation, workshops: PI, 12 Concepts, Sponsorship.
  • 2009 Iceland, Lichtenstein, and Montenegro First contact made with these NA communities via email, explaining what the EDM is and offering help and support.
  • 2009 Italy Members from Malta & Germany went to Italy to participate in the Regional Conference.
  • 2010 Egypt/Cairo The FD Vice-chair participated in a WWW offering workshops.
  • 2010 Iceland Members from Norway and Denmark went to Iceland and offered workshops and personal experiences.
  • 2010 Croatia Members from Germany and Sweden went to participate in the Croatia convention and offered workshops.
  • 2010 Croatia Members from EDM and NAWS organized a WWW.
  • 2010 Turkey/Istanbul A member from the FD participates in a WWW for the Middle East community.
  • 2010 Netherlands/Rotterdam Members from EDM and NAWS organized a presentation at the Regional convention.