The ECCNA – European Conference and Convention of Narcotics Anonymous – is an annual event that combines the celebration of recovery with service-oriented workshops. Each year the EDM – European Delegates Meeting – delegates the responsibility for planning and hosting the ECCNA to one of the bidding NA Communities.


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ECCNA39 Convention of Narcotics Anonymous in Finland/Helsinki 2024

Hosting Summer EDM and ECCNA

The ECCNA bidding process is open to proposals from community’s presenting to the EDM (Summer Meeting), two years in advance. This event requires the following facilities: The European Convention (from Friday to Sunday) and the EDM (from Thursday to Sunday) as well, if possible at the same venue.

The Bid should be presented in writing, containing the following information:

  • Venue (number of meeting rooms available, seating capacity, price of rental)
  • Accommodation (different category hotel rates)
  • Information on visa requirements and costs
  • Access to host town (plane, train, car)
  • Status of local service structure
  • Experience in organizing conventions
  • Identification of host committee members (Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, with five years minimum cleantime)
  • Reasons why the Area/Region wants to host the ECCNA
  • Motto and logo suggestions
  • A budget
    For further information please contact your regional delegate. In our EDM Orientation Pack (PDF, 411 kB)  you can find our complete guidelines for presenting an ECCNA bid and hosting Summer EDM.