The EDM is a European-based Forum of multilingual and multicultural NA communities, whose mission is to further their common welfare and unity, discuss issues of mutual concern, exchange ideas, and share experiences to further their primary purpose of carrying the NA message to the still-suffering addict.

EDM is a Non-profit Association. The association was set up to help the body function legally as a Zonal Forum of Narcotics Anonymous.

The EDM does not have a service office as such. Our legal association is based in Brussels and our address is the same as the NA World Service Office in Europe.

EDM is one of 14 Zonal Forums of Narcotics Anonymous, which exists throughout the whole world. Zonal Forums provide an opportunity for World Service and World Board to better understand the needs and challenges of NA communities.


The EDM meets twice a year: One SUMMER EDM is held at the same place and date as the ECCNA and one WINTER EDM is held at a location/community agreed on by the body.

The EDM is conducted in English, so when possible communities should select delegates who speak English. As most participants are not native English speaking (our participants speak about 28 different native languages), we try to speak slowly and clearly, avoiding any colloquial terms. Any participants can ask for clarification at any time during the EDM.

All EDM conferences are held as hybrid meetings. Visitors are invited to follow the conference online. A link will be provided on request.


Regional Delegates

Delegates are the voice of the individual communities. They carry the experience of their communities to the EDM, and share challenges and solutions with other delegates. They also report on events such as conventions, developments, and the growth of fellowships within their zone. In turn, they carry the experience back to other communities. They are elected by individual NA communities. Currently, 32 regions participating at the EDM.

Fellowship Development Committee

The FD Committee is made up of a Chair and a Vice-Chair who coordinate FD Task Teams, FD Webinars, and Learning Days, facilitate Workshops, and collaborate with other Regional FD Committees.

Public Relations Committee

The PR Committee is also made up of a Chair and a Vice-Chair and they attend international addiction conferences and facilitate PR training and Webinars for or with regional PR Committees.

Zonal Delegates

We have two Zonal Delegates who discussed the Conference Agenda Report (CAR) and motions with delegates before the upcoming World Conferences in monthly Webinars and during sessions at EDM.

Media Coordinators

We have two Media Coordinators who are responsible for the realization and management of our website and for the visible presentation of the EDM (f.e. Social Media, EDM Blog) and they manage the EDM archive and Online account as well.

Steering Committee

We have an admin body called Steering Committee (Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Vice-Treasurer, Secretary, Vice-Secretary) that facilitates our meetings and keeps track of matters that occur between our summer and winter meetings.

NAWS World Board

During our meetings, we have the chance to ask questions, share experiences with NA World Service members attending, and give input to current NAWS projects. Delegates and Trusted Servants of other Zonal Forums are welcome as well.

What We Do

Community Dialogue

The first day of the EDM Meeting is for Delegates to share experiences, ask questions, and share solutions about Service efforts in their region or report about challenges in their fellowship.

Committee Reports

EDM Trusted Servants report about their activities and projects in between the conference cycle (Steering Committee, FD Committee, PR Committee, Zonal Delegates, Media Coordinator).

NAWS Report

Narcotics Anonymous World Services (NAWS), is a regular guest at the EDM and provides an overview of current global developments.

Service Workshops

Each conference provides EDM delegates and the local fellowship with requested workshops, facilitated by the FD Committee and/or NA World Service.

Consensus-Based Decision Making

A Different Way of Making Decisions. We try to make our decisions by consensus, meaning that we try to come to an agreement rather than a majority decision.

EDM Workgroups

We have workgroups to support the delegates each time a subject requires to be developed. They meet online in between conferences and help to make better decisions.


The Winter EDM bidding process is open to proposals from community’s who attend the EDM and would like to hold the winter meeting. Bids are to be presented in writing within the deadline set by the body.

The Bid should be presented in writing, containing the following information (overview):

  • Dates available to hold the meeting from the end of January to the middle of March.
  • Accommodation – A hotel in the city that can house the delegates.
  • Meeting room space that is either in the hotel proposed or within walking distance from the hotel.
  • The meeting space requirements are to seat up to 60 delegates in a boardroom-style setup.
  • Access to host town (Plane, train, car)
  • Information on visa requirements and costs
  • Reasons why the Area/Region wants to host the Winter EDM. For further information please contact your regional delegate.
    In our EDM Orientation Pack (PDF, 411 kB), you can find our complete guidelines for hosting Winter EDM.