ESL - European Service Learning Days in Prague April 26-28, 2019


We were overwhelmed over the outcome of the very 1st and 2nd European Service Learning Days (ESL) in April 2015 and 2017. It has been an amazing experience and it most definitely met our expectation on FD-work, in an broader way. But how it actually turned out totally blew our minds!

There were 162 registered participants from 30 countries and 27 regions/communities in the 1st and in the 2nd 176 registered participants from 27 countries. We held 12 different workshops, had 3 Speaker Meetings. The turnout on the workshops was great and the atmosphere quite inspiring.


We believe that European Service Learning Days (ESL) are FD in its purest form. This event is separated from the formal business at the EDM, solely focusing on service and helping communities grow. We want to broaden our communications and see this way to be a part of that. 


This event is for every members interested in service, but primarily for members doing the service, to learn, for training and sharing experiences. If regions are to send participants, we rather see that it is the coordinators/chairs and members in service committees that are going. We emphasize regions/areas to fund there servants by themselves. 

The language of ESL is English. Participants from regions are asked to send English speaking members, or have at least one member on board who is able to translate for the others, if needed.



The Masaryk College is situated in a strategic location in Dejvice, Prague 6, just 20 minutes away from Prague Vaclav Havel international airport, with excellent public-transport access to the city centre, and with good motorway links.  All low cost airlines provide flights to Prague. 

The Masaryk College offers single and double rooms AT THE VENUE for quite reasonable prices:
The venue hotel is BOOKED OUT. Please consider the list of alternatives which is listed below, most of them are quite close to the venue.

Prague offers many affordable hostels. BOOK EARLY. April is the beginning of the high season for tourism. Some low-cost hostels, which are close to our venue:

Hostel Sinkule:
Bubenec Hostel:
Hostel Dakar:
Discounts Prague Hotel:
Hostel Little Quarter:


Scheduled Workshops:
- PI vs. PR Workshop (Basics / Q&A)
- Facilitating A Recovery Meeting
- Atmosphere of Recovery in Service
- FD Workshop
- Young Addicts in Recovery
- H&I Workshop (incl. H&I Prison)
- How to: Facilitating a Workshop
- Literature/Translations/Money Flow
- Mental Health/Mental Illness IP
- Spiritual Principles Book Project (SPAD)
Each day we will have one Speakermeeting and Coffee Breaks in-between workshops.

We will start on Friday at 10:30h with the first workshop (09.00 - 10.30 Registration). 
We finish on Sunday at 14.30h.

Feel free to contact the FD Committee with your suggestions and ideas:

n grateful service,
FD Chair and FD Vice-Chair of EDM